This past couple of weeks we’ve encounter some challenges as a family, I think that even though we know that little E’s autism is more severe than G, we were not prepared for changes.

Some of the routines that we felt were established have become a bit more challenging, for example, both my kiddos always ate really good, they’re not picky eaters, now E is not eating as he used to, he wants me to be hugging him while he eats and he wants to be sitting on my lap.

Both my kids are really good at sleeping, not only on their own but on their own bed, now E takes forever to sleep and he needs me to be hugging him, and don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling but he NEEDS me, and he gets very restless while trying to sleep, also he is waking up several times and needs to cuddle again, so we’re pretty much sleeping together and not getting enough rest.

When I’m cooking he wants to be there, attached to my leg, when I’m using the bathroom if I lock the door to keep him out he cries until I come out, unless I give in and let him be in the bathroom with me.

So in another words, he is having a hard time and I don’t seem to be helping him how he needs me to, but the rest of us is having a hard time with him, especially me with my kid attached to my body. I love having him around but now he needs to be with me all the time, except when I go to work that he cries for a bit while saying good bye, also from school his teachers haven’t mentioned anything too different, nothing alarming, so all this is at home, and I feel like I am the one who is not helping how I should.

I really feel stressed because I want to do want he needs, I want to be the mom he needs me to be and right now I dont have the answers I need.

Any advice?…. …..please!

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