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On Wednesday I was supposed to publish the new entry for my blog, unfortunately I wasn’t able to, but fear NOT because Here I am!

Not to long ago I was talking on my blog about supporting other causes, off course ASD is my main cause because my children are on the spectrum and I wish I can help educating people helping them understand how amazing a person on the autism spectrum really is, but I also would like to take the time and dedicate my space to invite people (especially with long hair, people with more that 8inch long hair) to donate their hair, that beautiful hair we spend so much time taking care of, could also change somebody else’s life.

Here is the link to my previous entry relate to hair donation in case you have time to stop by Advocating and Supporting, to be honest I just mentioned that I was going to be donating soon, and I did!!

My cousins and I donated our hair to Pantene beautiful lengths, to be honest all I wanted was to donate my hair to a place that makes wigs for free for the cancer patients, if I’m donating I expect the people that I am aiming to help to get this without a charge.

Here are some informational pictures related to the donation process I went through with the pla ce I chose:

img_0701img_0702img_0703Here is also the link to Pantene Beautiful Lengths  in case you are thinking about donating.

Last but not least, there are sooooo many ways to get involved, raise awareness, volunteer or anything you would like to do to help a cause, I personally donate my hair and this particular time I chose this page, I’ve donated before and I did it to different places so please, if you don’t feel like donating to this page I say in my entry, by all menas there are many other places.

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