Don’t get sick, PLEASE!/ No the emfermes, POR FAVOR!

Happy Wednesday! Here I am….

As I mentioned before in another entry, my son is not the best at taking medicine, he struggles and off course fights me back when I am trying to give any liquid medicine, luckily for me, he is very good at taking chewable medicine and since he loves doing what big sister does, he tries to follow her lead (he still struggles but pushes me less).

Here is the link to my –Medicine- entry….         This time I am not focusing on the medicine as much as on the “getting sick part”.

This past Monday I got called from the school because my little E had a 103.5 fever, so I left work and flied to go get him, I was relieved to see him walking by himself (he loves being  hold) and he didn’t seem upset (I wanted to think he wasn’t in pain), so we hugged and I spend a few minutes catching up with his teacher, and by the way, I just learned that my silly boy can say -star-, yes, he can and I heard him, this little rascal is keeping vital information from me, he said it right there in front of me with his teacher, I was very happy to hear him! (I know he was sick but he was also saying a new word, give me a break!).

We got home and I notice him getting tired so I took his shoes and jacket off and when I was ready to hold him he was already upstairs laying on the couch, I double check his temperature and I was very glad to see that it wasn’t as high anymore (99.5), so I gave him Tylenol and we waited together on the couch for my sister in law to come (yeah he enjoyed an afternoon with his auntie), unfortunately I had to go back to work so saying goodbye was hard for me.

When I came back my sister told me that he wasn’t very interested on eating, so I didn’t pushed much with the food I left for him and I focused on what he really likes to eat and I gave him some favorite options, which included lots of fruits; now, I’m not going to make the story too long for you, yesterday (Tuesday) I stayed at home with him and he was just fine, no high temp, he drank lots of water, ate just fine, I mean I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but I know something is there, we are on flu season and Massachusetts weather doesn’t help much, plus he enjoys playing with the snow.

My struggle with this is that I don’t always know what its happening,

I am a mommy of two (kids getting sick),  thank you for reading me!


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