On a bad day

When mommy is not not feeling ok, how are we supposed to keep it together for the kids?

Let me be honest….

Lately I’ve been having some though days, first the kids got sick, then off course I got sick, on that same week I broke a molar and nfortunately I had to wait till it could get extracted, because of this I got an infection on my gum (I hate you molar), a week after and I’m still sick, I can not eat so there are times on the day when I feel very “hangry”. I mean I can eat soft food and off course some liquids, but Oh man! I really would kill for a steak, or sushi, maybe a whole pizza, or a huge plate of buffalo fingers, (I LOVE FOOD, and food loves me! ❤️), I’m just hungry and coughing my lungs out all day.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how I feel (well in general when you are a parent) I am a mom and I have to be always at my A game, cooking, getting the kids ready, going to work, cleaning the kitchen (the whole house doesn’t get as messy because we are at work or school most of the day), and off course, it doesn’t matter how much pain I feel or how much discomfort im experiencing, I am a mommy and my kids need me regardless of anything else, they (and I) need our time together to play, to hug, to laugh and enjoy soooooo… I HAVE TO BE AT MY BEST, maybe there are days where my best is 70% or 30% but I still have to make it be worth it, because I only get to spend half day with them, I am not going to waste it on crying for how much my gum hurst right now, or waste it on being annoyed for how hungry I am. I suck it up and spend a great time with them.

Being a mom is though, is not always rainbows, unicorns and fairies, and then being a mom of two kids with special needs is not always a walk on the park (a walk on the park can be very stressful), there are days were I feel very tired, or when I just can’t deal with things with the same patience as always. There are definitely bad days and life keeps moving on… But right now I just need a break (I am so thankful that christmas break is almost here!)

To all parents out there reading me, how do you cope with stress? What do you do when you are having a crappy day?

Sorry for the time it took me to finally upload my post, I am still a mommy of two, a little broken at the moment but keeping it all together! 💙👍🏼

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