Be kind

As this past Thursday my girl G had her last basketball class, she surprised me with a moment of struggle, as I thought she was struggling and turned out that she was more than ok, I realized that the one actually struggling was me, yes, I was so worried trying to help her with something she absolutely didn’t need my help with.

So for about two months G was in a basketball class, it was fun, she had great and not so great moments but overall she really enjoyed it. She made new friends, she run wild and danced (every time the coach was explaining something she would dance), she got better at bouncing the ball, she almost got the ball inside the hoop, but hey, she is getting there! So it was a good experience for her.

On the other side, my side, the mom that is always trying to protect her child! I was always with my hawk eye making sure nobody was mean to her, I was very present and always cheering her up. I saw so much she wanted to make friends, I saw her really trying and really being herself, I saw how it really worked with some kids and how other kids didn’t want her as a friend, but she kept going, she didn’t seemed to get bother, I did!!!

Anyways we kept coming to the class because it was worth seeing her so happy, even frustrated because I know she was pushing herself really hard and it payed of.

There was this girl that I particularly felt that I needed to keep her away from, I never went over and say anything because it’s just a child!! But I seriously dislike the girl’s attitude towards G.

On the very last day, I had to bring E with me to the class, so I was cheering G up from the bleachers, then I notice how this girl was trying to take G’s spot on the line; like I say, G really gets distracted, so it’s very easy for other kids to take her spot, she really wasn’t paying attention, the problem is that I was, and all I wanted was to go over there and remind G to pay attention and stay focused, but I didn’t, at the same time I couldn’t leave E alone and G really needs to be on her own in a controlled environment so I needed to let her go, and I did.

She truly surprised me, as I mentioned before G is a very sweet girl, she is very polite, and it’s exactly what she used to claim her original spot from this girl, she came over to the girl and with a big smile on her face she say that was her spot, she got back into the line and got her turn, but that was not the end of it, every single time for about 8 times, after this other little girl had a turn and had to go back to the end of the line she would go in front of G again and nonetheless, every single one of those times G reminded her that was not her spot, and she was there (G) and got back in there with a big smile on her face, after a point the other girl started smiling as well and it became a game, and from where I was sitting all I could see is how my little girl is capable of standing up for herself with politeness, I know this may seem silly, but I’ve seen people being not too nice and not too polite even to me and my kids, and this girl and my daughter are not friends and she never approached my girl, she actually mentioned a couple times that G was a bad player, so the fact that G is as polite as she was when she was being pushed out of her spot and able to get back in was amazing for me. She did it by herself and for herself.

Kill them with kindness!!!

I am a mommy of two, always worried, always trying to keep them safe, but also I am a very amazed mom, because I know We are raising our kids to be kind humans.

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