A little bit of love…


Well, not today but tomorrow its Valentine’s Day!!
As parents of kids with special needs, we have our hands full, too full sometimes but not always, the kids go to school and also are very independent, or as much as a 5 and 4 years old can be. Unfortunately it can be hard to make some time to spend it as a couple.

After the kids we became parents and it was like the couple part went away, but its hard to have two kids with autism so we really need each other, we need to be on the same page, at least when it come to the kids. We not always have succeed with keeping time for us, but lately we have tried, like really tried, kind of like trying for the first time after about 6 years of marriage.

Our kids are our number one priority and they will always be, there is no way that will change, but we are learning to try and put our relationship as parents of those kids to be a number one priority right next to the kids.

Funny enough we celebrated Valentine’s Day today, the day before just in case tomorrow life gets in the middle, out of nowhere we decided to go have lunch together, forget about the time (my husband had to go to work), we went to one of my favorite restaurants and I order for both of us because, since it was my pic of restaurant I am the expert (muahaha). I couldn’t hide how happy I was (I still am), and tomorrow we may or may not have time to do anything special but it happened today.

I get that we are parents and that always comes first, but we are in this as a couple and its super important to not forget each other. At least we can try and make time for an hour lunch, sometimes we make time just to drive to work (I drive my husband) and we get to talk, he even lets me dance and sing in the car while we wait for his time to get in; it’s like we are still getting to know each other, we still discover things and its exciting.

Happy early Valentine’s Day to all!!! ❤️


Un poco de amor…


Bueno, no el día de hoy pero mañana es día de San Valentin!!

Como padres de niños con necesidades especiales usualmente tenemos las manos ocupadas, en ocasiones bastante, demasiado ocupadas, pero no todo el tiempo, los niños también van a la escuela y por si eso fuera poco, tratan de ser tan independientes como un niño de 4 años y una niña de 5 pueden ser. Desafortunadamente aun así a veces es difícil tener tiempo para pasarlo como pareja.


Feliz día de San Valentin para todos! un día antes

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