A good group of friends / Un buen group de Amigas


I have write some post where I’ve expressed how hurt I feel when my kids are mistreated, but it’s time to talk about the people who has given us lots of love and doesn’t judge us.

As I’ve say it before G is in ballet classes, this is her second year and she really loves it, but now more than just the dance, the other reason she has are her friends, and as she made friends I ended up with a great group of friends too.

Every Saturday while waiting for class I used to sit by myself and play with E, until other moms started to talk to me, and little by little we became friends, turned out we are all from Mexico, we all speak Spanish and we have somehow similar stories. G enjoys spending time with their daughters and I do too with them because I get to see my little girl happy and I have this group of amazing woman who don’t treat my kids s if they were different, they have seen past the disability even though E has really push it.

When we spend time together I see my kids happy, being themselves, I don’t have to worry that somebody will be mean to them, or treat them like they don’t matter, they enjoy and I do too. They have shown me many times that they see my kids just as that, as kids.

Its so nice to have people who has your back other that your family, people you know you can count on. Thanks for all the people who has been more than good to me, god to my kids, I don’t matter as much as them, because I’ve seen them (more G than anything) sad because somebody rejected her, I’ve seen kids making fun of her, adults making faces at them, complaining about them, and to have people that accepts us as we are its truly a blessing.

I was here, I am here, A mommy of two energetic children with big blue hearts, till next time!💙💙

Un buen grupo de Amigas


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